Does networking really do the job?

Each company is unique, the products or services are incomparable, the technologies will transform the future, the organization is the pinnacle for High Potentials and thus promising candidates can be found only within a particular field.  Really? 


As Executive Search Consultants we are often confronted on this issue:  “Are you well-connected in this industry? Do you have the needed network? “


Our long-standing, successful practice in exploring industries, sectors and companies explicitly refutes the constricted network search radar concept.   With our method we identify, approach, and expertly evaluate potential candidates who possess impressive personal and technical qualifications.


Those engaging in the War for Talent, who fish in the networking pool, soon find themselves going in circles, having to bounce from Contact A to Contact B then to C and so on.


Internationally active as Executive Search Consultants, we operate systematically in a clearly defined process and present our clients with a selection of hand-picked candidates we have interviewed personally, and evaluated face-to-face.


We avoid getting entangled in a narrow net.  Our team of high caliber consultants applies intelligence, creativity and single-minded commitment to find the Top-Performers who bring to our clients fresh, invigorating approaches and exceptional energy.


Do you want to win the War for Talent?


Then please call Dr. Kerstin Steiner, VP Executive Search, in our office in the Frankfurt Airport Center. Telephone: +49 / 69 / 69 34 77. Or send an e-mail.


Oluf F. Konstroffer