40 Years + 30 Years

On April 1, 2015, Konstroffer & Partner Personalmarketing KG will be celebrating 40 years as professional personnel and international executive search consultants, operating in many sectors and countries to search and select personally and professionally qualified managers and executives.  We are the authority when customized solutions are required.  Screening, evaluating and motivating hand picked candidates – leaders and top performers – was and continues to be possible only on the basis of exclusive and strictly confidential search assignments.

April 1, 2015, marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of our independent subsidiary, Konstroffer & Partner Personnel-Marketing Inc., in the the United States.  In this formidable market we work for German and Swiss companies wanting to succeed there.  Long standing customer relations are testimonials to our open, honest and transparent approach and practice as well as our sustained success.

For many years we have been directing global search projects from Frankfurt, Chicago and Shanghai with our small yet elite team along with our equally successful partner in Shanghai.

I am proud of my team and the outstanding services we provide our clients, with special recognition going to Dr. Kerstin Steiner who has been with us for more than 25 years.  In 1985, Christiane Konstroffer, my wife, and I founded Konstroffer & Partner Personnel-Marketing Inc., and she has further developed that business since then with great effort and engagement.

3 Paradigm Shifts

come to mind as I reflect on 40 years of experience:

  1. The Power of the Applicant

    It was not even 10 years ago that we were developing and drafting recruitment ads to be posted for instance in the FAZ, such that we received several hundred applications, the selection from which was not a simple matter.  Out of this pool, many qualified and personally suitable candidates ended up on the short list.

    Today many candidates themselves choose the company where they want to advance their own personal development.  I foresaw this advent – the term PERSONNEL MARKETING is part of our name and has been these 40 years.  It is implicit that companies must sharpen their images in the War for Talent to be perceived as providers of assignment and advancement opportunities.

  1. Online Portals Have Altered HR Search Strategies

    Newspaper publishers have been particularly affected by technological advancements.  With modern communications, editors can have up-to-the-minute reports on worldwide events provided by journalists and correspondents at the scene.  In the area of employment ads, the appearance of online recruitment sites has made a dramatic impact.  Of the once as many as 100 pages of recruitment ads that appeared on Saturdays in what I consider to be the premiere daily paper, the FAZ, only a paltry number still remain.  What that means for the publishers we can see every day now.  Online recruitment sites lead to many unsolicited contacts that only seldom proceed to a serious recruiting process.  Executive Search is the means to address this situation.

  1. Communications Technology

    Can you still remember the telex, with or without the ticker tape, or typewriters with or without correction tape?  Or the first photocopiers?  Sounds like the Middle Ages.  I can remember my first car phone from 40 years ago: a massive installation of wiring and components that filled up half of the trunk space in my car; today I carry a BlackBerry in my shirt pocket.

In the course of globalization and the associated worldwide changes, the demand for qualified managers and executives has increased significantly with respect to education, flexibility, mobility and cross-cultural sensibility.  Companies are for the most part in global competition; in the future not only management strengths but also leadership skills are needed, rapid results more so than previously, measured by KPIs, etc.

Decisive, bold, open to new ideas and capable of creative, successful solutions, we will continue to provide first class services to our clients.  And we do and will do that in Europe, America, and Asia, wherever our clients want to place top performers to achieve strategic and operative goals.


Oluf F. Konstroffer