Professional Selection
To corroborate the perception of a candidate gained through a face-to-face interview, we administer various psychological tests to highly qualified executives and specialists. Moreover, psychological tests can help determine whether a candidate fits into the hiring company’s corporate culture.

Our selection of tests includes:

  • Bochumer Inventar zu berufsbezogenen Persönlichkeitsbeschreibung (BIP)
  • Leistungsmotivationsinventar (LMI)

Such psychological tests can aid Human Resource Management in the identification of top performers and talent during the recruiting process.

We examine specific characteristics and behavior patterns manifested in a wide range of circumstances, such as

  • Professional Aptitude
    • Vocational orientation
    • Workplace behavior
    • Psychological fitness
    • Social intelligence
  • Job related achievement motivation

Explicit, Straightforward and Reliable
Our clients need reliability and clarity in the assessment and evaluation of external candidates and when promoting from within. We provide accurate reports and a professional synopsis using precise decision-making tools.