International Executive Search is a highly effective tool with clearly defined goals for hiring executives or specialists that works without ad placement in newspapers and online job markets.

You need, we find
Our objective is to identify, contact and evaluate highly qualified and suitable candidates, as well as to provide motivation for a career refocus whenever both our client and the candidate would benefit. That's what reputable headhunting is all about.

Our philosophy

We find the right candidate for the right job in the right company at the right time.

Our professional approach to Executive Search leads to success in three phases:

Phase 1: Development of the Job Profile and Target List

    Initial meeting in client facility
    Defining the job description and requirements
    Drafting the job profile
    Conducting market research in order to develop a list of target companies

Phase 2: Research Process and Selection of Candidates

    Identifying candidates
    Contacting potential candidates by telephone
    Sending the job profile to interested candidates

Phase 3: Interviews, Presentation and Evaluation

    Conducting telephone interviews
    Conducting face-to-face interviews
    Evaluating personal and professional qualifications
    Presenting the top candidates